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About Artistic Created Websites

HELP! My Website is a Friggen Disaster!!!

What’s Different About An
Artistic Website?

It’s about helping all creative artists, artistic people, and small businesses

to present their work in a way that is unique to them.
Artists are not a typical small business or trade.
Creatives artists are specialists at what you do and it takes a specialist to know what artists need
especially when it comes to internet marketing.

Artistic Created Websites
by artists for artists

Just as a gallery specializes in connecting artists with admirers, buyers, and collectors

I specialize in internet marketing for artists on the internet.
Except for one thing, I don’t take 50% of your hard work home with me.

Am I rough around the edges? Yes, I say it like it is and I’m upfront about it.
Artistic Created Websites is about individuality.
There is too much talent out that that goes unnoticed for one reason or another and most times it’s because all the creative one knows is how to express themselves through their work.

I believe that all artists are unique and should not be compared to one or the other but rewarded for their own style of art and creative business
Personally, I have several that I delve into because of my ability to learn complicated things in such a short period of time, and working with websites and internet marketing, SEO, SEM is only one of them.

If I find an interest in something most times it turns into a passion some refer to it as an obsession…maybe so but
I don’t quit until I reach a point where my mind is not able to take on more knowledge which seems to be impossible.

An artists’ passion is a continuum that never ends.

Our passions take us into the abyss of the unknown for which we venture with no fear 
It’s all about exploring the unknown via trial and error.
Experiencing new things and having no fear of failure is what most artists are about however for some, that fear of failure is a reality when it comes to internet marketing and selling their work let alone trying to run and maintain a website.

As an artist myself I have struggled just as you have but I have always had an obsession with the art of learning.
I just don’t want to know why yellow and blue make green I want to know who discovered it,
the how, and the why, to me, it’s all relative.

This is why I know so much about SEO (search engine optimization)
SEM (search engine marketing)

SERPs (search engine results pages) Generic and Semantic Search
which is about the who, what, where, why, and how of website design and internet marketing.

It has taken me 20 years of study and learning through trial and error of what works,
and of course, what’s a waste of time and money.
Trust me I paid dearly for my education.

Yes, I charge for my time just as you or anyone else does.
I don’t work for free and neither should you or your website.
Most likely the reason you’re reading this is that you’re looking to increase your bottom line and wondering
how or why you’re not getting sales from your website.

Well, your website works the same way as you and it too cannot work for free either
You can’t expect your website to bring you sales if you’re not putting anything into it.
Your website is the most important thing you have on the internet and it is an integral part of your business
and like your creativity, it always needs to be fed and nurtured just like any other tool you use.
You’ll only get out of it of what you put into it.

Artistic Created Websites

is about getting your creative work, talent, or business in front of those who are looking for you.

This is one of the artist websites that I created to help promote new artists that are on the rise to fame.

The Creatives Daily Presents

The Creatives Daily Presents web design by Artistic Creative Websites Naples Fl
The Creatives Daily Presents site design

So if you’re tired of not getting anywhere with what you have tried in the past contact me and let’s get a plan together and get you in front of your audience where you belong.

SEO And Search Engine Marketing

O.K. So How Do We Begin?

What Are The Steps?


The first step is to fill out the questionairre and then schedule an online recorded consultation (required.) This is neccessary due to the uniqueness of your work, style and, brand.


A short survey gives us both a guide on what to discuss at your scheduled consultation. There is a cost to this meeting which will be applied as a credit to your budget.


We will talk about basic things like the purpose and type of website that fits your needs. We need to set a foundation to get a basic idea for the planning and design that fits your goals.


Each meeting is recorded either via video "Zoom" screencast or "Live Chat". for the purpose of reference when planning your website management.


We will discuss the options available for your new website. The build and design is critical to the performance of your site and the end user experience.


Management is important for the security and perfomance on desktop and mobile. Updating software, monitoring security and storing off site backups...

Live Online Consultations

My Mission Is To Get Your Work In Front Of Your Niche Market

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Artist, Muralist, Web Design, Promotions, "I see art in everything around us, it's all in relation to the universe" I have learned and ran the gauntlet of life and have no fear. I come from the school of hard knocks. I like to say that I am the master at overcoming life's challenges and yet at 60 I am still facing life head-on. My work and accomplishments speak for themselves. Arrogant?...maybe...but I'm real and dedicated to my work and helping others. After working with the platform since 1.0 (2004) I think after 16 years and 24 years of internet knowledge I can help you get what you deserve...