Speaker Susan M Davis for Starving Artists marketing Bootcamp Aug 2021

Susan M. Davis, Artist, Boomer, Hippie, Silcon Valley Escapee

"Pep Up Your Presence and Post With Purpose"

Susan M Davis

Boomer, Hippie, Artist, CoCreation Outlier, Silicon Valley Escapee Storycatcher Channeling Guy Kawasaki and Terry Gross For Decades


Topic: “Pep Up Your Presence and Post With Purpose”


Susan M Davis

Susan is an inspiring, motivating, and fun speaker
whose friendly and creative communication style
makes her a breath of fresh air for audiences
ranging from artists, writers and coaches to
entrepreneurs and small business owners.
She is the Founder and Facilitator of The CoCreation
Community—a community of Creatives supporting
each other while co-creating, communicating, and
igniting positive change. She especially enjoys
helping Chronologically Gifted Women Creatives
(artists, writers/authors, coaches, and healers over
60) get comfortable online and in social media,
develop presence, and have fun, so that their
awesome value is seen, and messages are heard.
At the entrepreneur game for over 50 years, with
successful businesses in different industries, Susan
works both virtually and in person with groups, and
peer-to-peer. She mentors emerging entrepreneurs,
and she facilitates and hosts workshops in teaming,
marketing, brainstorming, and social media. Her
signature style is outside-the-box, creative, and fun.
Susan’s mantra is: Do well by doing good. For several
decades she’s integrated her passions and talents in
the areas of design, fine art, writing, audio/film
production, and business/marketing development into
projects like The CoPassion Project and the A-PlaceTo-Call-Home/Voices of Our Story project—signature
philanthropic projects promoting inclusion,
compassion, and common humanity by
communicating Story through multi-media arts.
Susan is also a fine artist working in mixed-media,
including digital art and exploring the
world of Blockchain NFTs

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