Online Live Consultation

Online Live Consultation

Whether you are looking to redesign your site or start a new one to let you know I only work with applications.
I do not work with other formatted DIY websites such as Wix,, Blogger, etc., and other free hosted website formats. The reason is simple, you don’t own it and are very limited to what resources you may need.
However, I can offer you assistance based on their limitations.

Don’t take this the wrong way because these are some very reputable formats and I know many people who are quite successful with these formats some are even built on WordPress. But as I said they do have limitations and are not owned by you.

The fact is a non-self hosted website can never be an asset to you or your business whereas a self-hosted format is owned by you and becomes valuable to you over time. Yes, a liquid asset that can be bought and sold that you have total control over depending on who your hosting company is and their resource restrictions.

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Please read this thoroughly

I am not your typical web designer.
I am an artist just like you.

Through my own experience of internet marketing over the last 20 years
I know what it takes to get websites indexed quickly in the search engines and drive potential buyers, customers, and collectors to your galleries and services.

I require a scheduled consultation with you via

“Live Chat “and/or through a “Video Meeting”
whatever works best for you.

Through these platforms, the consultations are recorded for the purpose of referencing so no information gets missed or overlooked.  It also gives me the chance to get to know and understand your style of work plus gives us both a documented copy of the consultation/interview as a reference for reviewing in case of a misunderstanding of the details.
With Artistic Created I am a self-sufficient one-stop-shop because my image and video services mean there’s no need to use several different people for editing your media for the website unless of course, you prefer to use someone that you’re more comfortable with and have already established yourself with. We’ll discuss these things briefly.

Visual reference is very important, especially when designing your gallery and other pages that represent your brand.  On average when you include the search results, error 404, privacy policy, and terms of service pages to be in compliance for online sales of your work a website extends past the 5 to 7-page front end of a website.

We’ll discuss your budget based on what you have selected on the consultation form to determine whether you need a custom design or a standard starter theme that can be modified as you grow. My goal will be to get you online as soon as possible while adjusting things to your requirements as well. I don’t just throw together a basic website and leave you on your own. I will be consistently improving, testing, and making necessary changes to keep improving the site’s performance under my management plan if you decide you would like that or you can

I am about details and the importance of them, like I said I am not a corporate based all about money type of web designer but I am about costs.

I require to build, host, and maintain the site’s security,
and optimizing for website speed.

Then we’ll talk about
S.E.O. (search engine optimization) S.E.M. (search engine marketing) to qualify what important keywords are needed to get your site positioned in the local search results.

Depending on your brand as an artist and/or a creative business your website needs to be as unique as you are and although referencing other websites is a good idea for some details I have found that the more unique the website is the more repeat traffic it will get.

There are some very well designed and proven sites out there but like I said creators need a website that says

“This Is Me, This Is Who I am”
and no one else.

We’ll discuss things like what your work is about and your ideal customer, buyer, collector, and so forth so I can learn what keywords and areas your site needs to be focused on. We will also discuss what kind of content I need for the website that you can provide me.

Content is crucial when it comes to a website ranking in the search engines and it’s important for you to provide me with the details such as your bio, past events, social media profiles, and other details that I will provide you with a list of. Once I have a generalization of what is needed then I can use these conversations to give you an idea of the costs.

I don’t ask for personal information during the initial consultation however during the build process it may be needed for certain things like accepting credit card payments, PayPal, shopping carts, etc. which are secured by your provider whoever that may be.

I will make recommendations for certain services that
I have used and trust myself.

These are a few details of what is involved with at most an hour-long consultation.  I don’t add additional charges if it goes over an hour, as it’s just a flat rate that I must charge for my time. I am committed to those who are serious about their presence on the internet and I would be swamped with “Free Consultations” and no time to do what I do best.

My schedule is limited but I generally will contact you within 24 hours.

I do charge a non-refundable fee of $50.00 for the first consultation and it will be applied towards the costs of your website when we can agree on a budget for your website and/or management, SEO, marketing, etc.  I can work with most budgets but we need to determine what that budget is.

Each artist/creative businesses are unique and need to be treated as individuals.

There are several things involved when preparing for this meeting that must be done and I only offer my services to those who are serious about growing their business.

Free consultations only attract the curious shoppers and crowd my schedule to the point where the ones who really need the help are left on a waiting a list
Just as in my artwork I take what I do very seriously and if you want a website that’s going to perform like it should

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