Artistic Creative Websites For Artists

Artistic Creative Websites For Artists’

the initial goal is to create websites to help artists showcase and promote their art online.

Artistic Creative Websites Naples Fl
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No matter who we are, everyone loves some form of art.

Some find peace and relaxation in other people’s work while some engage in it themselves just for fun and good vibes, for certain people it might be their escape from the regular life whereas for some it is their life. Art is a way to express your emotions, perceptions, ideas and even raise a voice. The best thing about art is that it isn’t limited and doesn’t bound anyone and neither should your artist website. It’s one of the most independent forms of expression and your artist’s website should reflect that. The various art forms range from visual arts (photography, videos, painting) and literary (poetry, fiction) to performing arts (dance, music) and culinary arts (cooking, baking, food photography).

Here’s How

Can Keep You One Step Ahead And Why You Should Consider It:

Being A Life-Long Artist

and a webmaster myself, I am the person behind the scenes who understands the importance of art and exactly how much time and effort goes into it. Starting from the mere idea and eventually turning it into something beautiful is what I can relate to very well. My vision behind the artist’s website is to provide the art and the artist the attention they deserve.

  • I want to help the artists
  • make their online presence in a step-by-step process. My art background also enables me to understand the deep thought and distinctive approach towards the topic more accurately.

  • The process begins
  • with creating a website and incorporating unique creative web designs that resonate with the art form. Great attention is paid to every single tiny detail and the individuality of the art type.

  • Being a small web design firm,
  • one-to-one heed is paid to every client. Every need and even the smallest detail or point is taken care of very well. The website content focuses on the unique style and peculiarity of the art. This helps your website stand out and draws more focus and public towards it.

  • As it is a work being done
  • for an artist by an artist, the communication and grasp towards what the client wants are much more precise. No stone is left unturned, and every part is paid equal and undivided attention.

  • I also help the artists
  • whose websites are already out there. By assisting them in re-designing and updating their data and aiding with promotion properly, they fulfill everything.

  • Their job doesn’t stop
  • once the website is created. They’d help manage it and keep updating it according to the latest needs of the market. For someone who follows all the latest trends, it becomes evident as to what change is needed and when.

  •  In the past
  • few years, we all have seen how the online market is rising and expanding. With everything going around, online content has started making much more impact on the population. Even the online promotions by the observers and buyers make a great impression of the product. Everyone likes to keep up with the latest swing, and they’d not want to miss out on something as beautiful as your art.

  •  SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • has become one of the most effective ways to grow an online business with your artist website and show the people what they are missing. Following this, Artistic Created Websites will make sure that everyone is eyeing your work with as many views as possible. With good knowledge of effective keywords and economic rates, the advertising leads to unimaginable profit.

  • No art form is seen as inferior.
  • Whether you’re a photographer,  musician, or a creative small business, the company will go to all extents to give you the results of your hard work. With excellent promotion skills, they’ll make sure that your art sells and the buyers and consumers of your work are more than satisfied.


    The central vision and planning are to aid you in focusing on your work and new ideas while carrying out the managing and promoting part. Also, considering that most creators don’t have the time or experience to build a website and the tech knowledge required, it’s always better to take the help of someone who understands this, just like you know your art I build and manage websites for artists and creative businesses.

    With everything in this world being a race and everyone running to achieve the mark, it is essential to know what direction to run into and at what pace. The before and aftermath of what to consume before the run and how to keep the energy high once you start is the crucial principle of success and staying at the top of the table. Similarly, the performance of your artist’s website plays a significant role in how your art is perceived.

    Yes, you choose an online platform that helps you do it yourself, but it is also similarly assisting thousands of other people. Moreover, those auto-websites follow particular algorithms that don’t distinguish between any other artists’ work and be seen easily.

    You have to pay a premium to be visible even slightly. With platforms like these, your remarkable ways are grouped together with thousands of other artists and you’re not set apart from them. However, with Artistic Created Websites, you can get your work out in the market by making a very small but the most important investment.

    12 Points Of An Artist’s Website That Works?

    A Creative Website That Works

    How can an artist’s website work? A great easy to navigate website design focused on branding, and great content optimized for SEO and SEM.

    From art students to universally acclaimed artists, the way to being effective in this artistic world is to set yourself up with an artist website. An artist’s website resembles a studio visit: it’s a chance for individuals to see the entirety of your art and find out about you as an artist. The primary distinction between an artist’s website and a studio visit is that your website is consistently open, and anybody from any place on the planet can come in.

    Have Your Own Domain Name?

    If you are simply beginning your creative business, there isn’t anything amiss with getting set up with a free webpage on a hosting site. However, once you’re genuinely becoming well known, you’ll need to purchase a domain name. There is an immense contrast between and, and having a short, simple to-recall URL will be a significant advertising advantage down the line with a website with a unique design.

    What Should Be In A Domain Name?

    In my experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) over the last 20+ years, I have learned that depending on what you’re trying to accomplish can determine the domain name. Artist websites are primarily called “Vanity Sites” meaning that the site is focused on you as an artist so you may want to have a domain with However, this could be difficult in the early stages for your artist website unless you are already an established artist and/or have a creative branded business with a current client base. Then you should think about branding yourself as an artist.

    To see up to date changes for SEO this website is what I refer to for what’s changing and current

    Think About Your Brand

    Branding yourself as an artist can be tough when using SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which is called “generic search” This is done without using ads like Google Adwords, Facebook, Youtube ads, and so on. In this case, your domain could be focused on a primary keyword phrase and location i.e. or

    Artist's website The Creatives Daily Presents web design by Artistic Creative Websites Naples Fl
    The Creatives Daily Presents site design

    You can see above that this website is an artists’ listing website that was built with branding as it represents all creative people and businesses. If you notice you will see that the domain name (URL) carries over to the website’s title. The Creatives Daily Presents.

    Use Only High-Quality Images

    If you’re proud of your all art forms, show it. Try not to post blurry, small, dull, or low-res pictures to your site. Keep in mind and you should view your website as a substitute “open studio.” If you had someone visiting your studio, would you show them a minuscule, hazy Polaroid of your art, or would you show them genuine art? While you can’t impeccably address your works in digitalized structure (except if you are an advanced artist, obviously), you’d be astonished what a good camera can do these days with the correct tools for your website.

    Do Not Add Third-Party Ads

    It’s an entanglement of some ‘free’ site has. Before you focus on a host, make sure to check if they will put advertisements on your site. Promotions can colossally divert from your work of art, and they never look proficient. If you host your own website ask the hosting company if their logo will be present on your website. Many times this logo will link to a sales page. Words like “Powered by” and/or “Hosted by” can be found in the footer (bottom) of all your pages. It does nothing for the website’s SEO unless of course, you are hosting websites because it’s irrelevant to your website’s focus.

    Update Your Site Regularly

    At any rate, you should update your site with new art once every 3 to 6 months. However, if your timetable permits, the more updates, the better: it shows your visitors that you are dynamic. Significantly more, it shows that you are as yet alive. When your artist site’s latest post is three years of age, it will bring specific inquiries up in your visitor’s mind: “Did this artist surrender?” or “Are they still in business?”
    If you have a blog it’s even better, especially if you’re posting once a week or more. Keeping your posts focused and relevant to your work with a personal side for your readers makes for excellent content. People want to read about you and where your inspirations come from and why. For instance, you would not write posts about lassoing an alligator unless of course, you were going to use it in some way in relation to your work, but I think you get the picture.

    Keep The Navigation Simple

    Consider your art website the platform for your art and practice. The organization of your site ought not to divert from the work you need to show to your audience. Keep in mind and the actual site isn’t your art; it is the place for individuals to see your art and discover more about you. Consequently, a specific, clear, and simple to-explore site turns out incredible for most artists.
    There ought to be a predictable menu in a similar spot on each page to help the client move naturally through your site.

    Do Not Clutter The Pages

    When you have stuff all over the place, it looks chaotic and cluttered. Introduce yourself and your art so anybody can comprehend what you’re doing. Your pages are a gateway to who you and/or your brand is and a guide to more information. These are called “static pages” which hold content that does not change much except for updating the information.
    Sites are a portrayal of who you are and what you are doing. They ought to be spotless and fresh. It is suggested that a white background with dark content because there’s, for the most part, good color in your work of art but the opposite can work just as well if done correctly. Shaded content on an alternate colored background and makes it difficult to understand. If anybody has to put effort to view your content, they’re not going to remain on your site.

    Describe Your Artwork

    Put great strong content on your site. Put the anecdote about what is going on on your site. Don’t simply put ‘ a red blossom on a mountain ridge.’ Clarify where you were and what you were doing. Make a somewhat story. This makes a significant difference as it assists with viewer traction. Think about going with each collection of work with its own clarification or presentation perhaps by categorizing them.

    Have An About Me Page

    You can incorporate your biography, proclamation, and CV on this page, yet add visual components to help “split it up.” This can either be by portraying each part with an alternate color background or by utilizing pictures or symbols to isolate the content squares. However, if you have a long history of gallery showings and events you could add additional pages to keep from having to scroll or search through all the other content to reach or find it. Remember “Don’t Clutter The Pages” Incorporate your headshot. Show an image of you working in the studio. Do you have the first since forever colored pencil drawing you did as a kid? Visual components don’t simply make a site page simpler to take a look at – it additionally adds character and a refining component to your artist website.

    Add A Contact Page

    A few artists remember this for the footer or header of their site, which is an entirely good technique. Nonetheless, having a page devoted to sales/contact reminds the site viewer that you’re free. You can even incorporate a contact form if you would prefer not to part with your email address yet check your messages consistently. You would choose not to pass up that next enormous deal!

    Link Your Social Media

    Social media platforms like our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and others go about as a marketing funnel for individuals to arrive at your site. When they are on your site, then you can endeavor to sell them an item or service. It is genuinely critical to connect your site to all your social media pages.


    Probably the ideal way for you to spread the news about your art is through your site. Ensure yours is chipping away at your sake and that anybody anyplace who arrives on it- – regardless of whether deliberately or unintentionally, if they know you – can find a good pace about where they are, what they’re going to see and encounter, and have the option to tap on over to your displays as fast and efficiently as could be expected. An inviting site delivers profits in a wide range of ways.

    There are a number of things that are important to an artist’s website that would make this article too long and a bore to most. I will be adding more as time goes on but just for starters these 12 Points For An Artist’s Website That Works should get you started.

    Feel free to contact me if there are more things you would like to know about I would love to help.